Atmosphere 360

Atmosphere 360 is one of the famous, fine-dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. It’s the restaurant which is up in the KL tower, another one of Malaysia’s famous landmarks, and is also known as the ‘rotating restaurant’.

We were not planning on dining here when we first went to Malaysia, but my friend who studies in Sunway told me that I would much rather visit all the famous places in KL since I’m there anyway. Besides, the view from up there was supposed to be – once again, breath taking!


So my friend and I planned on reserving a slot at the restaurant for the next day. As we were going through the site for reservations, we noticed that they had high-tea and it was comparatively cheap compared to their dinner and lunch slots. High tea was just RM76 compared to their dinner of RM220 and lunch of RM98. There was also an afternoon tea at RM65 and of course, if you wanted a table near the window, you had to pay extra. But we stuck with high tea and didn’t pay extra for a table near the windows.

Since the restaurant required us to dress in smart casual or easy glam, I wore this cute dress I got from Alura. As we got to KL tower, there was a huge queue of people waiting to go up to the Sky Deck or the Observation Deck.


Get this! The ticket to the Sky Deck and Observation Deck is RM150; whereas, if you dine at Atmosphere 360 you get a free ticket to the Observation Deck!  Even if you pay RM76 for the high tea! Cha-ching! Money. Saved.

Talking about the high tea itself now… The food was GLORIOUS!

Compared to the high teas we have in Sri Lanka, the high tea at Atmosphere 360 was more of an early dinner! They had varieties of rice, noodles, starters, tiny pastries, desserts, tea, coffee… you name it! I couldn’t take any pictures of the food since I was too busy eating, but I did capture a few moments on my vlog.

The high tea in the revolving restaurant was definitely a highlight on my trip. In case you are curious, the restaurant revolves VERY slowly. It’s so slow you don’t even realize which part of the restaurant is revolving! By the time we finished up our food, we have come a full 360 and even got to get a glimpse of the Twin Towers standing up in pride.

If you are planning on visiting Malaysia, do dine at Atmosphere 360. You definitely get value for your money and it’s worth EVERYTHING!


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