Blessings From Thean Hou

Before I took my 5 day trip to Malaysia, I did some research on a few must-visit places. The Thean Hou Temple was one such place that popped up. Thean Hou Temple is supposedly one of the oldest and largest temples in South East Asia and it takes about a 20 minute drive from the city to get there.

The temple is dedicated to the Goddess said to protect fishermen, Tian Hou and is also a shrine to the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin.

The travel sites said that the temple was beautiful at night with all the lights on, but sadly since we were not able to make it at night, we made a trip there in the morning. It was still such a beautiful sight.

It was a really big temple full of lanterns everywhere and it was breathtaking from the first moment I laid on eyes on it.

One thing I noticed about this temple was how the people were dressed up. This was due to wedding shoots and other photo shoots happening around the temple. There were also functions being held around the temple. We were lucky enough to even see a proposal take place.


But, you don’t have to necessarily wear white or dress in long sleeved as it is the norm in Sri Lanka. I wore a short dress, but I covered up the shoulders by wearing a shawl on top. However, there were people wearing all kinds of outfits. The only place where we had to remove our shoes was at the very inside of the temple where there were shrines. If you are to go up there, you have to remove your shoes.


Thean Hou is not part of many travel itineraries. So please do make sure to spare about 30 minutes of your time in Kuala Lumpur to Thean Hou Temple. It’s unlike any other temple I have seen and it is definitely worth your time.

Check out my travel vlog on Malaysia  and stay tuned for more posts!


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