Social Media Event Party at Pastamania Sri Lanka

The latest international food chain to hit the shores of Sri Lanka is none other than Pastamania. It is Singapore’s largest Italian dining cuisine and it’s maintaining the exact same standards here in Sri Lanka while offering you a wide variety of Italian dishes.

How would I know all of this? Last Sunday they threw us a social media event party where a few of us got a preview of the dishes and the whole feel of the restaurant.

Located at a convenient location in Colpetty (in front of Fashion Bug), Pastamania is surely going to be the next big thing in Sri Lanka.

The feel and ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for catching up with your friends and a nice dinner out with the family.

They have a range of “thirst quenchers” which is quite the fix for these warm, sunny days. Although my favourite was the rosehip strawberry quencher, quite a few preferred the orange drink more.

My favourite starters of theirs is the Cheese Sticks dish. Crunchy and filled with gooey cheese – it’s to die for!

When it comes to pasta, you can select from a variety which includes penne (my personal favourite), fusilli, linguine and more.

Their Pepperoni pizza seems to be the most-loved pizza due to the fact of it having a lot of a pepperoni on top. Since I do not eat beef I just stuck with the Margherita pizza which was full of flavour. Right now as I am writing this post I am craving for this pizza with a side of cheese sticks.

They even have a range of dessert pizzas which I personally prefer over the Pizza Hut dessert pizzas. Their gelato is also a must-try!

Do check out this place with your friends and let me know if Italian cuisine is your new favourite cuisine thanks to Pastamania!

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