Empire Cafe

Smack in the middle of the cultural city of Kandy is a cafe hidden behind historical pillars. Situated close to the Temple of Tooth, Empire Cafe is a big tourist attraction. I have been wanting to visit this cafe for years and I finally got the chance to drop in.

As you enter, the atmosphere is a contrast to the fast-paced environment around the city. Ceylon is highlighted throughout with posters and symbols of all things historic Sri Lanka. It’s the perfect iconic place for tourists to visit to get a sense of the good ol’ Sri Lankan days.

Empire Cafe boasts on providing the freshest, local dishes and they live up to that standard. Although, the rates at the cafe are at the more higher-end, it’s definitely worth the price.

As Kandy does not have quite a number of places to go on dates, I could safely say that couples can easily try out Empire Cafe to have some quiet time with some good food. Is there privacy? Not really, but you can have a deep conversation over a good cuppa Ceylon tea.

It’s also a good place to wind back and relax with your friends – which is exactly what I did!

Empire Cafe has a range of beverages and what caught my eye was the Ceylon twist they added to every item. For instance, they had a ‘Ceylon Smoothie’ section and one of their offers was the Coconut, Treacle and Banana Smoothie. Although it may sound a little weird for us locals, foreigners really dig these local twists. When it comes to food, they have a range that goes from salads, wraps to pastas.

We ordered a portion of fries – you can never go with a portion of fries and it was worth everything! They were the fat fries which I prefer with the right amount of salt and crunch. Hands down best fries in town!

Shamindri ordered an Empire Burger which came with a side of fries and the whole dish was bigger than her! I kid… I love you Mindy! Back to the burger, she said that the meat was succulent and the burger as a whole was satisfying.

Sanduni ordered a mouth-watering cuttlefish which I couldn’t taste since I was being a vegetarian due to Holy Week. But their ‘oooh’s and ‘aaaah’s were enough to make my eyes roll and drool over the dish.

I ordered myself a mac and cheese since I was craving for a good cheesy pasta for some time and it was amazing! The dish had so much cheese that satisfied the fatty in me and the portion was a little too big for me to finish up.

In conclusion, Empire Cafe is definitely a place I will keep visiting again and again. Need more of that mac and cheese right about now.

If you are a tourist visiting the city, do drop in to this cafe. You can even help yourself to some of their local trinkets and souvenirs which they sell. If you are a local visiting the city, be a little brave and try something new – like their Ceylon smoothies!

Check out their website here.

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