Galle Fort Adventures

After weeks of hectic planning a bunch of my friends and I decided we needed a road trip. After various changes, we were finally on our way to Galle. From Colombo and on to the highway and to be in Galle would only take around 2 hours or so. The view en route is not to be missed since you will be passing lush greenery and lovely beaches.


Once we entered the Galle Fort, it just took my breath away. It was the most prettiest, most tumblr-like tourist attraction in the country – that’s my bias view, of course! As you enter Fort you see tiny boutiques, shops and cozy restaurants which look very welcoming. The restaurants in Fort are mostly pricey, but there are a few good food places for relatively cheap prices as well.


If I am to go into a little bit of history about Galle Fort, it was built by the Portuguese in 1588 and was extensively renovated by the Dutch in the 17th century which explains the architecture of some historic buildings. The Fort is colourful and every lane has something new to be discovered. It boasts of how multi-ethnic and multi-religious it is which is proof of several churches, mosques and temples within the Fort. The heritage value of the Fort has been recognized by UNESCO and is named a ‘cultural heritage’ by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our road trip to Galle was a one-day trip. So we spent our whole day in Galle just walking through every street, walking into old churches and eating every hour! There’s unlimited food in Galle and one of the noticeable places was Crepe-ology! It’s a crepe shop and their crepes are worth everything!

There’s also a bubble tea shop, Bubblelement which is perfect to quench your thirst with. They have a range of milk-based and tea-based drinks at a reasonable price.


But our most favourite place was the Pedlar’s Inn Gelateria. They have the best Italian ice-cream at a very cheap price. Their ice cream flavours range from chocolate to pistachio and it’s quite a treat! The flavours on display changes everyday. During our time in Fort, the flavours  were changed twice and the flavours were completely different from the first time we went to the shop. That’s how fast their ice cream sells out and that’s how big their range is.

Galle was definitely a trip to remember and I will  be visiting there again…and again…and again!

If you visit Sri Lanka, or if you live in Sri Lanka, please make sure to visit Galle Fort. I promise you that it won’t fail you. There are also villas and hotels inside the Fort at a varying price range in which you can spend the night.

Who knows, you might even run into a cute thing like this as well!


Until next time, ciao!



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