Comic Con 2017

I know guys… I know. This post is super late and in my defense, I have been very busy trying to do a good job at ‘adulting’ with my internship and all that. But, without further ado… here goes!

The ASUS Lanka Comic Con was held on the 26th and 27th of August and the hype was too real! I am not one to be into animes or cosplays and everything geeky, but seeing all these people cosplay has been always fascinating. So this year I decided to drop in on both the days to get a taste of Comic Con.

If you see two outfits you will know that those were from both the days I visited Comic Con. Such dedication, much wow!

When we got to the entrance of Comic Con there was ‘Deadpool’ waiting to greet us and once we got in to the venue it was geek paradise. One of my friends spent around 5000/= on merch and another spent over 20K on comics!

But what interested me the most were the cosplays! There were so many great cosplays and most of them did a great job. A few of my favourites can be seen down below:

There was also a photo booth, cosplay competitions, games, fun things for kids to do and a really good set of food stalls. There was this one drink stall with the drinks being named after famous characters such as the ‘Lannisters’ and ‘Minions’.

All in all, it was a great experience and I will definitely be dropping in next year as well.

Oh! And remember that tweet Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins made backing up the mocked Wonder Woman cosplayers? Yep. They were there at Comic Con as well! Like I said, it was a weekend to remember.


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