You’re Not Alone

What are your thoughts on depression? Oh! I’m sorry. Is that word too taboo for you? Too heavy? Well, I’m sorry but that’s what my rant today is going to be based about – depression and how our society looks down on it or regards it as nothing. This blog post is mainly dedicated to everyone out there going through a tough time and the ones whose loved ones are going through a bad time.

We live in an age and society where we have this picture-perfect life on our social media platforms, but in reality we are just a mess. We would have pictures with big smiles and lots of friends, but in reality we would just put on a big smile for the picture and even among our closest friends we would feel so lonely.We would all be going through some crisis and battling our own demons, but that won’t be there up on our Instagram. Why? Because we are forced to hide it if we are depressed because it is being looked down upon. Basically, society judges you for being depressed or sad!


I personally think people in this generation are the most depressed compared to our parents’. The pressure to be perfect is too real. We are pressurized to be this perfect student in school, have our lives together when you’re in college, have a great career and have your future planned down to a T. Not to mention the role social media plays as well. There are so many young girls out there who keep comparing their bodies to these supermodels on social media who flaunts their abs and toned muscles when most of those pictures are mainly photo shopped and they just have a good knowledge on knowing how to work their angles.

But now there are a few Instagram models and celebrities speaking out about how they work out those angles and how what you see on those pictures aren’t 100% real – that they too have rolls in their stomach when they sit down, just like any of us.

No one would truly understand the depth of being depressed unless that person has gone through a similar situation or has been depressed before. If they haven’t been depressed or do not know what you are going through, then they find it difficult to relate to your issues. So when you try talking to this person and they turn their back on you, you get sucked deeper and deeper into a well of madness – and this is a hole you will find hard to get out of.


If you are depressed or you feel like you are at that starting point of going into depression… please please please! Get help! I cannot emphasize this enough. If you don’t seek help earlier it would be harder for you to get out of this vacuum that keeps sucking on your happiness and your mental health (a bit like a Dementor). So it’s important to remember that there is help all around. You just need to know where to find it.

  • Talk to a friend – no matter how close you are, it’s better to get it out of your system and just talk to someone who would hear you out.
  • Talk to a parent – they are your parents after all and they only wish you the best. Talking to them about something that bothers you (may it be your school work or future plans) could lift a weight off your shoulders.

I know that at a moment of depression you would feel so alone and like no one understands you, but don’t ever think that. There is always someone who would hear you out and someone who would lend a helping hand to you. Don’t shut yourself out from the world… there is help! I promise!

And if you feel like your friends don’t understand you then maybe they aren’t your true friends. To be honest, if your friends truly care for you they wouldn’t be there for you just because they know what it feels like to be depressed. Your friends probably do not even know what it’s like to be depressed. But if they love you and care for you they would always be there for you. You can’t rely on people who won’t be there for you at your darkest times, especially if they lack empathy.

So, surround yourself with people that love you and truly care for you and let the light into your life. Also, please remember that you are not alone.


You do not have to fight this battle alone.

All images by Pixabay.

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