Sunsets, Sangria and Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach, the newest hot spot in Mount Lavinia threw a private party last Sunday which was filled with good music and great food.

So, when we got there, we sat on these comfortable chairs overlooking the beach. We were served a pitcher of their signature ‘Sangria’ which is an amazing cocktail which is not too strong and is enough for about 4-5 light drinkers.

This was followed by a prawn-based pizza named the ‘Prawn Star’. This is sprinkled with mozzarella, a ‘secret sauce’ and plenty prawns! Definitely something I would try again.

Then comes the ‘Can’t Knock the Truffle’. This is a ‘potato pizza’ topped with mozzarella, caramelized onions, rosemary, truffle and garlic oil. I was not a huge fan of this for the mere reason being, me not being a big fan of potato (unless it comes in the form of fries). Therefore, I was not able to finish one full slice of this, but if you feel a little daring then definitely do try this pizza.

The best part was when Amrik (the person who ensured that we got the best food Sugar Beach has to offer) came over to our table, popped some champagne and then… I broke the glass! Yep, not kidding. I had one job! I failed. This will forever be my most embarrassing moment. But they were being such good sports about it. Thank you, management for putting up with my clumsiness.

The best dish of the night comes a few minutes later – the ultimate seafood platter! This platter is one of the best I have come across so far. It has a range of cuttlefish rings, calamari, prawns and a really soft fish that would encourage one person to finish the whole platter on your own. Or is it just the fatty in me speaking?

Find out for yourself! Drop in at Sugar Beach when you are free and try all these awesome dishes. I would recommend this as a romantic spot during the evening or even an evening to chill with your friends with a drink in your hand. I was able to witness a stunning sunset and I was SHOOK!

Do share your pictures with me and let me know what other great food you found on the menu.

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