Cooling Off in Our Corner

Before rolled ice cream became the hype in Sri Lanka, Cool Corner from Kandy was the first rolled ice cream outlet in the island. It is still the only rolled ice cream outlet in Kandy and is maintaining the exact same standards that they had when they started up.

It’s situated away from the city’s hustle and bustle and is tucked away in a tiny shop in Peradeniya Road.

The owner of the shop is busy frying away his ice cream which is a cool action station to look forward to while chatting away with your friends. You could be mesmerized over your “fried ice cream” coming to being, just like I was.


They have a range of exclusive ice cream like Nutella and Ferrero Rocher all the way to their basic vanilla and chocolate.

We opted for their Oreo rolled ice cream and the Chocolate one. Both the ice creams were heavenly, but by far our best choice was the chocolate ice cream. It had crunchy chocolate and chocolate biscuits that you can bite into and chocolate shards, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries.

The Oreo ice cream came out in rolls and was good, but it lacked a bit of the Oreo flavour. But then again, we were all just too into the chocolate ice cream.

It was a sight for sore eyes and such bliss for the chocoholic in you!

I need to go back for more of these fried ice cream to help beat the warm weather these days.

Do visit Cool Corner when you drop in to Kandy. I assure you that this place gives all the rolled ice cream parlours in Colombo a run for their money. It’s even worth the price you pay!


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