Through Blue Fields

Blue Fields is a tea manufacturer from Ramboda (hill city represent!). Their factory is located on the way to the famous tourist destination, Nuwara Eliya and one of my favourite things to do is stop here for a quick tea and their famous chocolate cake.

Fortunately for us, they have a branch in Marine Drive with all their exotic blends on display and I had the opportunity to drop in last week to check out their tea.

There are four types of tea: black tea, green tea, white tea and flavored tea.

I was able to try out their Honey tea, Chocolate tea, Blue Moon and so many more!

My most favourite has to be the Blue Moon and chocolate tea.

The Blue Moon tea is a mix of green and black tea and has flower petals which gives it that aroma. I swear, this is the best tea you are going to find! The perfect blend, the perfect everything!

Moving on to the chocolate tea, that too has dried chocolates along with the tea which gives it the chocolate-y aroma and that chocolate-y taste.

Blue Fields also offers the incredibly prestigious silver tip tea / white tea which is a favourite of all foreigners.

While I was going through my third glass of tea, a bus full of foreigners came in and wiped a whole shelf of the silver tip tea!

What I love about Blue Fields and what I see is unique from other brands is their packaging. It’s super adorable and perfect for gifting!

Do drop in at Blue Fields at Marine Drive and have a cuppa.

I highly recommended the Blue Moon and Chocolate. Or any other flavour that tempts you.

They are all equally great!

Stay tuned for what goes behind the making of this amazing tea AND a peek into Ramboda!

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