Beach Side Adventures of Four

Synopsis: This is a story of four people who one day decided to pack their bags and go on a road trip to a hot spot in the South of Sri Lanka – Weligama!

— — —

Introducing the four: Senu and Shalitha (my cousins), Madhavi (we will be calling her Madhi) and myself.


After deciding that we are going to Weligama, early next morning we went to the train station in hoping of getting a few tickets to Colombo. There we were able to get three third class tickets – for my cousins and I.

The two and a half hour train journey was a breeze, but we couldn’t wait to start our journey to Weligama. So as soon as we got to Colombo, we dropped in at Senu’s casa and had a quick change and started our journey.

On the way we picked up Madhi and we started our three hours or so journey through the Galle highway.

As soon as we started catching glimpses of the beach we knew we were getting close and the  excitement was too real!


But, at this moment we were starving and so we decided to fill ourselves before we hit the beach. So, we stopped at a local restaurant with a stunning view of the Weligama beach and enjoyed our fried rice.

One downside was that I was looking for good seafood, but surprisingly there was more chicken than fish in Weligama. So I guess the seafood in places like Hikkaduwa and Galle is better than in Weligama. I could barely find a cuttlefish.

Fast forward to a few hours, we rented out two surfing boards and decided to teach ourselves how  to “surf” – such a fail! Out of the four of us only Senu knew better than the three of us did, so he was our guru.

Senu and Shalitha were getting the hang of it while Madhi and I enjoyed paddle boarding. I probably drank gallons of sea water, but it was all well worth it!


Was surfing fun? Sort of.

Would I ever try it again? I would definitely paddle board more, for sure!

So this is how we lazed around at the beach for about two hours. I even got to see a few dogs fight.


Then we got out of the beach and refreshed ourselves from the same local restaurant we had lunch in (the staff was incredibly friendly) and I had some thambili while the others had Sprite or Lime juice.


We were all beat at this point, but we needed more food in our belly. So we dropped in at Hangtime hostels for some snackin’ and then headed back home!

It was an amazing experience and Weligama was such a breath of fresh air. Definitely going back for more of this. Check out my vlog on our adventures to Weligama.

A more extensive post on Hangtime hostels will be up soon!


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