Dessert We Deserve – Served!

I had the opportunity to drop in to a place that was making a lot of buzz around Colombo – The Macaroon Magazine.

This tiny cafe was a little hard to find, but it was all well worth it at the end. Keep on reading to find out why.

As I entered, I was welcomed by warm, friendly faces who took me through the whole menu on display.

I was given seven of their macaroon varieties: chocolate, coconut, pistachio with nuts, pistachio, raspberry and vanilla.

All of these range from about 120-140/=. Worth every penny! You know why? Let me tell you why.

I’m not your average macaroon fan. Although it’s hard to bake, not everyone can nail the perfect macaroon.


The shell is so soft it melts in your mouth. Most places have macaroons with very hard shells which is not at all appetizing. So, this was a yes to me!

The taste is out of this world! Every macaroon they offer is packed with flavour. If you want chocolate, you will get chocolate. If it’s pistachio, you will taste the pistachio.

This place is no joke!

Overall: a 10 out of 10!

They even included a fancy looking macaroon that was shaped and painted like a swan.

They had a special macaroon which was made for an order and it had sparkles on it!

I mean, just look at it!

So clearly, if you want to get unique macaroons for your birthday parties, you know where to go.

They not only have macaroons, but also provide you with anything sweet.

We were able to try out a chocolate chip muffin that was 150/=. It was humungous and filled with Choco chips!

They also have marshmallow packs at 100/= and yummy brownies at 80/=.

Their packaging is absolutely cute and is perfect for gifting.

You can also contact them for catering your events / parties.

Birthday cake who? Have a macaroon tower instead!

On a more serious note, I’m very thankful for TMM for showing me why macaroons are amazing!

And to the incredible staff… thank you for making the inner foodie in me cry with happiness!

Do drop in at The Macaroon Magazine and try out their array of food.

If you want to book a space for a few friends to chill, that could be arranged too. But you should have a minimum of three to four people.

Meanwhile, follow them on Instagram and show them some love.

Until next time,

See ya.


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