Weekends with Kai, Hikkaduwa

Last weekend, I took two of my friends along and decided to check out Kai, Hikkaduwa.

Not having decided how to get there, our spontaneity got us in a bus to Hikka. This three hour long journey was bearable considering that the bus was air conditioned.

As soon as you start seeing more of the beach out of your window, you know you’re closing in on Hikkaduwa.

So once we got to Hikka, we hopped into a tuk and went looking for Kai. The place wasn’t so hard to find considering that it was next to a few other well-known hotels.

This boutique hotel took our breath away from the moment we saw it.

Their entrance / lounge area, called “The Deck” has such a great atmosphere and is so cozy. We were served dinner here – the cherry on top!

What I loved about this place is how friendly the staff was! From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted with smiles and warm welcomes. I could easily say that I’ve not seen a more friendlier staff before.

We soon felt at home as we settled into our rooms. We were also brought lemon iced teas which we gratefully gulped down.

Being the hungry arses we are, we checked out their lunch menu.

They have a la carte menus where you can pick and choose between dishes for all three courses.

The starters were a choice between a Curry Potato Soup and Garden Salad with Mustard Dressing.

The soup of course comes with toast on the side. This soup was rich in flavor and had the necessary thickness that makes a soup great!

Then we tried out the Garden Salad which was fresh and crunchy.

I just picked out all the cucumbers and left the rest for my friends to eat (I clearly don’t eat my veggies).

Then comes the main course. I opted for the Kai Special Rice and Curry and boy oh boy wasn’t it amazing?

I was curious to see how Kai could make a rice and curry special, but LOOK. AT. THE. ABOVE.


White rice with papadam served with dhal, pol sambol and wait for it.. CRABS!

I’ve never been one for crabs, but this dish changed my perspective on the crab dish.

It was packed with flavor and looked incredible! I think that the second most exciting part besides eating this dish was trying to take apart the crab.

The dessert was Sri Lanka’s favourite kiri pani (for the posh crowd at the back that’s curd and treacle).

This was no ordinary kiri pani. The honey was the right amount of sweet and the curd would just melt in your mouth and blend so well with the honey. No lie!

Later, my friends wanted to take a dip in the pool while I decided to sit by the edge – while sipping my iced tea ’cause that’s the good life!

The view from the rooftop is pretty dope. Although the view of the beach is hidden by buildings, the whole vibe at Kai makes up for it.

Next up, dinner time! As I said earlier, it was served on “The Deck”.

Starters had a choice of Carrot and Cumin Soup and Greek Salad with Feta Cheese.

Then the main dishes were served: Egg fried rice with Chicken Devilled and I of course went for the Creamy Seafood Penne Pasta.

The pasta was brought up to the room so that I can finish it off while enjoying the Portugal Vs. Uruguay match (I was rooting for Portugal).

The next morning, we went to have breakfast and we were served a mixed fruit juice along with tea / coffee.

The tea or coffee could be served after you are done with the main course, but we requested that they send it at the beginning.

The main meal was a proper English breakfast with a very spicy omelette, sausages, hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and toast with marmalade.

We decided to sit outside for breakfast to enjoy the good Hikka weather, but my god! We forgot one important factor: the sun!

It was burning and the butter was melting right in front of our eyes.

Finally, it was time to bid Kai goodbye.

With our hearts and tummies full, we waved the staff goodbye and I told myself that I will be definitely coming back for another stay.

On our way back we stopped at Hashtag Cafe by Kai. It was a cozy little place overlooking the beach.

We ordered a lemon iced tea and a passion fruit shake.

It was a great weekend and I can’t thank the management of Kai enough to having me there.

We will be back!

P.s. The travel vlog of this trip will be up soon.!

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