A Message to the LGBTQ Community

I have not been very active the past two months and as an apology and a comeback I have a very special guest blogger writing to a community dear to my heart.


“Every Gay and lesbian person has been lucky enough to survive the turmoil of growing up a survivor.”

-Bob Paris.


Sri Lanka is a country known for its warmth, kindness, abundance of culture and scenic tourist destinations. The growth of Sri Lanka is stagnated by its high influence of politics, and the growth of equality is dormant because of the strong stereotyping by the less educated.

As children who lived under the flag of the great Lion, we have all been used to the strong principles of gender stereotyping that Men stand for strength and brutality and that Women stand for fragility and kindness. These stereotypical ways of thinking has conquered the minds of the youth by leaving in them, a colossal and irreversible imprint. This has been, and continues to be the pivotal point for the reason as to why stereotyping continues. Individuals belonging to the LGBTQ community are the ones who have broken these stereotypes. However in some parts of the world they themselves have been labelled as a unique stereotype.


What is Love? Love is a feeling of deep affection. Love is free and does not cost anything to anyone, neither to receive nor to get. Love is the root of our existence and the base of human emotional stability. Love is home to all of us. Despite the natural order of things, different people breed different feelings towards different people. Love has no barriers such as gender, age, race, sexuality etc. Therefore love needs no boundaries. And I believe that people of the LGBTQ deserve to out their silent voices. They deserve recognition and equality for their own. They deserve to be in the light.

This message is to all the members of the LGBTQ community.

The personal effort it takes to hide your secret of being a part of LGBTQ, the inside jokes of yourself that you laugh with yourself when you can’t share them with anyone, the fear of being judged by someone if they knew what you really felt, the depression you go through every night not being able to tell anyone; there are people who understand your pain. The Sri Lankan culture has cornered you, locked you up in a box, and sealed you in. But there are those peeking through the holes of those boxes, listening to your tears on the other side, willing to listen to your stories. This post was never meant to address the people who aren’t aware of LGBTQ, but rather this was written as a beacon of Hope for all of you. The Hope that you are not alone, the Hope that your feelings will one day be told, the Hope that you cling onto every single depressing night of your life with all your soul. That Hope, it exists.

To all the great leaders who are reading this, here’s something you’ve all missed. As long as we humans are unique, there will always be differences among us. As long as we have these differences we will always be at war. And undoubtedly it is this vivid diversity within Humans that makes us inevitably stronger, together.

Sandro Sathyajith Perera.

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